Saturday, July 7, 2007


Before I post too many more things, I would like to make a few points about transgenderism in SL and about myself.

There are three types of people who "pretend" to a gender in Second Life that is different than the one they were physically born with:

1) People who want a opposite-gender avatar for role-playing purposes (non-sexual)
2) People who want a opposite-gender avatar for sexual purposes (this probably accounts for half of SL's so-called "lesbians." Not knocking my true sisters, just the straight dudes who use their avi for virtual "girl on girl" action.)

and . . . (drum roll)

3) People who are using an opposite gender avatar to explore their own RL gender identity.

For those who may be confused about me, I am #3. I became a "female" upon joining SL initially because I didn't want the hassle I experience in every day life. Within days, I realized something quite different as the behaviors I had always repressed were suddenly unleashed -- that I had discovered something truly wonderful about myself: that I am a woman who just happens to inhabit a male physical body.

I do not "pretend" or "role-play" or try to make other's lives more difficult. I am trying to live a life in this metaverse that I may never get to enjoy in the real.


anima said...

Hi, I am #3 as well, though in First Life am pretty much hetrosexual.

I've been a girl in SL for over six months, though decided from the start not to get involved in a relationship...though it's been tempting.

Oh, it's been so wonderful and liberating. Keep on posting...

Anima x

cybr said...

This was a lovely blog. It is a shame that you stopped posting. See you in SL, <3